I have had the pleasure of working with amazing clients over the years (some who have been with me since day one) – all with different backgrounds, stories and goals.

Here is what a few of them have to say about their training experience…

“Sessions are fun and empowering”

I am fitter and stronger than I ever have been and achieving new goals week on week has filled me with confidence. Her encouragement, guidance and kindness has meant that sessions are fun and empowering and I leave every one feeling uplifted, refreshed and powerful.

“Super Energising.”

'This class is amazing. No equipment other than yourself and mat and the team around you. Fun, supportive and super energising'

“Such a great class!”

‘Such a great class! Frankie was lovely and gave us an interesting variety of exercises. I'm definitely going to be aching tomorrow. The smoothie at the end is a fab touch.'


“challenging without being intimidating”

'Frankie is super friendly and brilliant at correcting form. The class balances being challenging without being intimidating'

“Fun and a great group of girls”

'Frankie was so lovely and motivating. Challenging class but fun and great group of girls'


“My favourite class”

‘My favourite class on ClassPass'